photos by Ty Lyons Graynor

RED CARROTS Jan 23rd - 27th, 2019 at The Exponential Festival 2019.

Performances at The Brick Theater in Brooklyn, NY.

Lena Engelstein, Performer/Choreographic Assistant
Quincie Hydock, Performer
Gwendolyn Knapp, performer
Sound Design by Kegan Zema
Lighting Design by Patrick Bova
Costume Design by Becca Kauffman

Exponential also programmed choreographer Lisa Fagan’s Red Carrots, a dance-theatre piece that was the most completely delightful thing I saw in the festivals. It was dada lite, with dancers crawling around whispering things we couldn’t quite hear, throwing vegetables around, and doing monologues that were mostly suspicious commentaries on how everyone else around them was doing. It was a chopped-up four-woman portrait of a very familiar feeling: Does everyone else know what’s going on?

Appropriately, it was the last festival show I saw. Because does everyone else know what’s going on? Maybe I’ll figure it out next year.
— Helen Shaw, American Theatre Magazine